Valerie de Chanté

Quartermaster at Ironfeld Keep, Master Sergeant in The Kings Own.



Valerie is an efficient, cold-hearted bitch. At least, that’s the way she acts when on duty. She has quickly gained the respect – If not the love – of the soldiers, and serves as the quartermaster at Ironfeld Keep.

She might be an attractive woman, if she cared about her appearance at all. Those men who have made advances, however, have quickly found themself busy cleaning rust from the chainmail. Afterall, by Valeries reckoning, if they have enough energy to be lewd, then they are clearly not being worked hard enough.

Traditionally, a noble soldier would not have ended up as a Quartermaster. Valerie, however, is tight-lipped as to why she holds this position and not that of an officer.

Valerie de Chanté

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