Ser Mathias de Alhallow

Steward of Ironfeld Keep, Honorary Major in The Kings Own.



Ser Alhallow is a former knight. He won the grand-melée many years ago, and is still recognized as one of the finest swordsmen to ever have lived. Despite being in his early fifties, he is still in good shape. Age, it seems, will be awhile in coming.

He does, however, feel that he is getting much too old for active military duty. Therefore, his rank as an officer is merely an honorary position. Instead, his skills as officer and bureaucrat will be put to good use at Ironfeld Keep – As your steward. His primary concern will be the day-to-day running of the keep, and keeping you all aware of any problems that have arisen across the lands.

Also, there is some speculation as to whether or not this man is capable of emotion. At all.

Ser Mathias de Alhallow

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