Practical Maelson

Practical of the Inquisition.



A practical of the inquisition, Maelson is effectively an Inquisitors assistant. What that means, is largely up to the Inquisitor he serves. What is certain, is that Maelson is both agile and intelligent, leaving him quite capable of handling a large variety of tasks. He always carries a steel club at his side – A long thin rod with a handle and handguard. A weapon commonly wielded by practicals – Afterall, they aim to subdue. Not to kill. Judgement is reserved for an inquisitor.

His face is covered in a strangely shaped scar. It has healed well, and is only visible as a red outline on his face. How he got this, he doesn’t appear to be telling.

As a testament to his intelligence, Maelson speaks four languages.

He often keeps to himself, away from the soldiers and especially the camp-fires.

Practical Maelson

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