Gerard Swann

Sergeant of The Kings Own, stationed at Ironfeld Keep.



Gerard holds no noble blood, and as such has likely attained the highest rank he will. He, however, seems to accept this as a simple fact, that is not his to change.

He goes about his work with calm efficiency. While he is not afraid to yell at his soldiers – In fact, he often does – he does truly care about every man in his unit. Having proven himself time and again as a true blood-sergeant, his men respect and care for him. They know he has their backs, and they make certain they have his.

Under Sergeant Swann, military life is disciplined and harsh. Training is part of the everyday routine, and he operates with a few simple rules – Chief among them: If you are man enough to drink at night, you’re man enough for a training bout in the morning. He often hates this rule himself.

Gerard Swann

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